Amanda Bradway is a multi dimensional artist from the Midwest. From fine art, to jewelry design, flower grower and floral designer; she is a self taught artisan in all of her trades. Following in the footsteps of her grandparents, she is a third generation small business owner currently growing her second successful business, Amanda Zoey LLC. 

In her jewelry making, she utilizes the same soft solder technique her grandfather used to repair electronics. Inspired by her grandmother’s love of art and short career as a florist, she currently grows her own flowers and creates her own arrangements in the Paseo Arts District. Over the years she has exhibited her art extensively, volunteered with various art groups and organized large scale art events for the community. 

Amanda believes that your passions are why you are created and if you are not doing something with them every day, you are not truly living. She also believes that adventure is the source of creativity and when she is not in the studio, she is roaming the prairies identifying native plants or road tripping through the West.